United Union of Roofer, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local Union 143 - Oklahoma City, OK

Our apprenticeship program is 333 hours of classroom and hands on

training done over 3 years with additional on the job training. Classes start

in January for a total of 111 hours each year. Apprentices start class after

they receive some experience and training on the roof. Apprentices do not

get paid for the class Apprentices have the opportunity to learn OSHA 10

and OSHA 30 requirements along with rigging and signaling and the most up

to date roofing, waterproofing, air barrier, green roof and steep roof

systems being installed in the United States. All of our Signatory contractors

have a big influence on what is being taught.

Apprentice starting wages are:

1st 6 months $14.00

2nd 6 months $15.00

3rd 6 months $16.00

after that 6 month period they receive B-journeyman $17.25

Apprenticeship and Continuing Training
On-the-job training - hundreds of hours Class room training - hundreds of hours Safety and health training Fall protection training All types of roofing , waterproofing and air barrier training
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